Este itinerario abarca la amazonia y áreas bajas a lo largo del rio Marañón, bosques tropicales, bosques nublados, bosque seco de la parte alta del Marañón, bosques secos de la parte costa del Perú, etc.

El cliente puede elegir el área en que desea viajar o las aves que necesita ver o fotografiar y nosotros organizamos su viaje de la mejor manera con un mínimo de 5 días del itinerario.

Carlos Altamirano

Guía Especialista
Waqanki Lodge

Day 00

Starting in Pomacochas, we shall drive to leymebamba and stop at utcubamba valley for, speckled chested piculet, buff bellied tanager, posible koepcke´s screach owl in a rusting place.

- Hotel La joya-leymebamba

Day 01

We will explore the forests at Atuen valley for Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan, Northern Mountain Cacique, Red hooded Tanager, Buff throated or Rufous backed Treehunter, etc. There are good flocks of birds that we can see. In the efternon we move to Abra Barro Negro we shall look for Russet-mantled Softtail, White-chinned Thistletail, Coppery Metaltail, Blackish Tapaculo, and other good birds thre.

- Hotel La joya-leymebamba

Day 02

We start at Lower part of marañon valley we shall look out for Yellow-faced Parrotlet and Peruvian Pigeon. Them we will continue to acienda el Limon, where we have the chance to pick up the very special birds, such as, buff bridle inca finch, Grey-winged Inca-Finch, Chestnut-backed Thornbird and Marañon Thrush. And we continue to celendin.

- Hotel Villa Madrid-Celendin

Day 03

On the road to cajamarca star looking for the rufous antpitta (Cajamarca form), them continue to cruz conga and serch the White tail shrike tyrant, rufous webbed Bush tyrant, rufous ear brush finch, jelki´s chat tyrant and others, in the afternon we go to rio chonta and spend time looking the gray bellied comet.

- Hotel El Mirador-Cajamarca

Day 04

We will spend more time at the gray bellied comet área, and also we can look for other birds such as black crested tit tyrant, black metaltail, rusty crownet tit spinetail, etc. in the afternon we move to humachuco that is a long time driveing with a stop for great spinetail.

- Hotel Santa Maria-Huamachuco

Day 05

We leave early drive to El Molino. I have been resently there and the road was noy very bad so It could take as much as 3 hours to get there from Huamachuco, Purple-backed Sunbeam is easy, so we can go back and serch some puna birds on the way back and continue to trujillo.

- Hotel Due-Trujillo

Day 06

Start early to Sinsicap searching for Russet-bellied Spinetail, unicolored tapaculo, Piura Chat-Tyrant, etc. We should continue driving to Chiclayo, we can stop at Rafan área that is good for peruvian plantcutter and also we go to puerto eten for peruvian tern, least seedsnipe and other seabirds.



Usted debe traer: binoculares, linterna, pantalones ligeros y ropa de magas largas, sombrero y/o gorra, gafas de sol, repelente de insectos natural y protector solar, poncho o chaqueta para lluvia, cámara y zapatos adecuados para caminatas.


Por favor, no traiga ninguna clase de mascotas. Tenemos vida animal cerca de nuestras cabañas y los animales domésticos pudieran interferir en sus hábitad


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